Sunday, 31 August 2008

Avi Fauna Bird Park

I went to Avi Fauna today.
It is a sort of bird park :)
Actually,I got so many great pictures.
But I selected only my favourite ones.

I got this kind of yellow cockatie at home...
I never knew that
she can duplicate herself! (O.O)

During the tour,I found...
The World Secret!
I know who BATMAN is!!
I caught him in the act
during sending the signal!:P

My Obsessions

Lately,I have been so obsessed
with so many things..
including this gorgeous Cecelia Tote
from Marc Jacob..
I think this has to be the result
from watching the Devil Wears Prada
the 2nd time :P

Monday, 25 August 2008

WALL-E and Eve :D

I am so crazy about them!
Found them on Ebay selling at
GBP 60 to start with..
and I was hopeless..
These two were included as
toys in batteries set.
Yahoo!!GOT THEM!:D

Friday, 22 August 2008

Multi-strand beaded bracelet

I am always a fan of accessories.
Lately,I found myself
so much into beaded bracelets..
specially multi beaded bracelts!!!
I got this one from a famous shop.
however,my wrist is way too small :(
I need to fix it...
so I bought few tools to start
my new project :D

Monday, 18 August 2008

Dead becomes alive

This plant was almost dead
two months ago.
I cut dried leaves off,
fertilised her,
added more soil,
water her.
Look at the outcome.
She becomes alive! :D

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Marry me? :P

I went to see a movie 'Get Smart'
My heart was not at the story
at all!!!
but it fell for her gorgeous leather jacket
It's another beautiful piece
from Karl Lagerfeld

Wedding dress?
This leather jacket?
I do! :P

I found a similar one... Not sure if it would look as great as the one Anne was wearing..

I am hesitating!!! :/

Beautiful Killers!

I am personally a fan of Miss Sixty!
This brand got a very unique style..
that is just so chic :D
these gorgeous killers' name is
However,I don't think...
she will bare my knees a mercy :(

Thursday, 7 August 2008

After Bed look w/o gel :P

I had always had long straight hair
for years.
At one point,I wanted something NEW!
That's right,I found the ONE! :P
But it came with price...
Everyday it takes a big effort
to manage to get
my hair in good this
Yep,that is my new makeover hairstyle.
Everyday it is like living on a thread..
If I am lucky,my hair still looks
like that after bed..

But luck is not always with you.
when it's not my day,
my hair will turn like this...

Any tips for me? :P