Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Chanel Le Vernis Fall/Winter 2010

Chanel launched the limited edition for Khaki shades :)
There are total of 3 colours.
Khaki Rose
Khaki Brun
Khaki Vert
The pigment is so good and it is very easy to apply.
And as always, it gives a more comfortable feeling than
other nail polish brands which can dry out your nails...
And that is one of the main reasons why I am in love with Chanel Nail polish :)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Chanel Le Venis Collection

I love nail polish and got loads but never tried Le Vernis.
After I observed the new Le Vernis Summer 2010 collection
which will be officially launched on the 7th May,
I couldn't stop myself but got them :P

And my wishlist of the other set from 2008 is the Robertson Boulevard Limited edition
The colours are still my options for this summer even it was launch in 2008 :)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Collection

I'm so proud to present
My Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Collection :D

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Essence of La Mer

I have been a La Mer fan since October 2009.
But this product is somethng I had never heard of.
My friend bumped into this information as we were searching for
some information.

Here is what the article explaining about The Essence of La Mer

They have spent the last four years on a top secret project to create a new skin care regimen that they promise will bring your skin to its "personal best." Dubbed "Project Precious" and now called "The Essence", a three-week intensive treatment that contains
the highest level of La Mer's Miracle Broth-the brand's famous It factor.
The Essence costs $2,600, and you can't simply walk up to the counter and buy it

Due to the intensive manufacturing process, only small batches are made, so initially it is available by invitation only to top La Mer clients at Holt Renfrew and other select boutiques worldwide.
"We wanted to create a product of true luxury,"
says Lynne Greene, the statuesque president of Specialty Group Worldwide, in La Mer's pristine white meeting room in midtown Manhattan.
"We asked ourselves ‘What does luxury mean?' and we knew it had to come down to performance, whether it's a Ferrari or a skin care product."
Whereas the magic bullet in Crème de la Mer
is the specially fermented sea kelp, called Miracle Broth,
The Essence contains two additional ferments,
One called Dormancy and the other called Mariponic.
"Our bodies can truly heal only when we are totally relaxed,"
says Loretta Miraglia, senior vice-president of Product Development for Specialty Brands.
"For the Dormancy ferment, we sourced a derivative of the narcissus bulb
and added rosemary, vitamin C and soy fermented under the influence of long sound waves,"
For the Mariponic ferment, a method of growing marine plants in purified sea water
and customized nutrients,
La Mer used sea parsley from Nova Scotia to create a "super-plant."
Together with the anti-inflammatory benefits of the Miracle Broth,
and the magnetized green tourmaline water,
the new ferments give both protective effects (Dormancy)
and nutritional benefits (Mariponic).
The Essence claims to be a "healing spa" for the skin
that will produce astonishing results both during and after its use.
Of course, at this price, you might need to check with your accountant first
before you go on this particular trip.

It would be very interesting if I can try this :P
The price is another story *LOL*

Friday, 30 April 2010

I am more than thrilled when my very best friend
handed me this set as a surprised gift :D
I love love love this set!!!
The colours are gorgeous :D
Thank you!!!!!!

And I also found this set which will be launched
around May!
It's called
OPI Shrek Forever After Collection

I can't wait to own this set!!!! :D :D :D

Monday, 26 April 2010

Review : Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15

If you are looking for a foundation with light coverage
but yet giving a smooth effect
and no cakey during the day,
This is the answer for you!
Enjoy your new dewy,glowy and flawless skin.
Cheers! ;)

Friday, 23 April 2010

Review : Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser

This baby is my saving grace!
I had tried everything to keep my brushes clean..
I used the oil cleanser for my face to clean my brushes before
and followed with shower gel..
but those dried out my brushes...

I wash my brushes everyday...
if you are still searching for a solution to clean your brush,
Bobbi brown gave you the answer!
This Conditioning Brush cleanser
is very easy to use and works brilliant!
All you need to do is wet your brush a bit
Pour a bit of the application,
rub your brush gently on your palm
until those makeup starts to break out
After that,you just clean with normal luke warm water.
Then, use some kitchen tissue to dry them gently.
Leave them dry on the paper or you can use one of those brush guard sleeves as well :)

And VOILA! your brushes are new and super soft again!!!! :D

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

La Mer : The Regenerating Serum :)

A skincare powerhouse that diminishes the appearance of
wrinkles and pores, infusing skin with the look of youth

I have joined the cult of La Mer since October 2009.
Over the past 6 months, my skin could never be anything better.
I love La Mer and believe that the miracle does exist ;)

With the new product
" The Regenerating Serum "

There will be a La Mer session to introduce this product
at the end of May 2010 :)
I can't wait to try this new baby ;)
Still wonder how much the branch here would be creative
with the price again..
it's been sold in US for $250 or EUR 185..
and I am sure they will sell here for
EUR 250 or $337.43 ( ;_; )

Fabulous Lush Fresh Face Masks :)

Lately, I have been so much into Lush Fresh Face Masks :) :) :)
I tried almost all 10 different face masks they have.
My most favourite ones are Love Lettuce and Catastrophe Cosmetic :)
They left your skin feel so fresh, soft and squeaky clean!!!

Love Lettuce
An effective, exfoliating face mask

which gives normal to oily skin a softened, smoothed and radiant glow.
Polishing almond shell is balanced by the skin softening qualities of almond oil and seaweed gel. With soothing lavender essential oil and the cleansing, tightening action of Fullers Earth,
you'll feel fresh in no time.
Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area.
Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse with warm water massaging gently.
Keep chilled.

Catastrophe Cosmetic
Fresh blueberries are rich in beneficial antioxidants,

vitamins and minerals to reduce inflammation and act as a mild antiseptic.
Soothing chamomile, Irish moss and almond oil work
with the gentle cleansing action of calamine to save your skin.
Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area.
Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse away with warm water.
Keep chilled.

But if you like something more moisturizing and not too greasy,
I would go for A Crash Course In Skincare, The Sacred Truth and Brazened Honey.

A Crash Course In Skincare
All skins need tender loving care.

This is the kind of blend your mum would create if she could.
It has rich, nutritious, organic avocado, freshly squeezed lemon juice to brighten
and tone the skin and soothing natural yoghurt.
There, that's much better. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area.
Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse away with warm water.
Keep chilled.

The Sacred Truth
The truth is, we all need protection from ageing.
The vital antioxidant action of wheatgrass, ginseng and green tea,
enzymic fresh papaya, cleansing clays and nutritious butters,
all combine to defend the skin.
This mask delivers live, fresh, active ingredients,
which enhance and revive the complexion.
Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area.
Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse away with warm water.
Keep chilled.

And if you like to have a mask that would balance out your skin and control the excessive oil on your skin, I would recommend Cupcake and Ayesha.

Chocolate heaven for oily and teenage skin.

Its action removes excess oil and calms breakouts.
Rhassoul mud cleans and soothes, linseed, cocoa butter
and cocoa powder soften the skin.

Balancing peppermint, spearmint and sandalwood oils
complete this effective and delicious experience.
Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area.
Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse away with warm water.
Keep chilled.

Spell binding ingredients to smooth away wrinkles.

Lasts long enough for a magical evening. Tightening and absorbent clays, deeply effective asparagus, vitamin rich kiwi fruit, bewitching elderflower
and witch hazel leave the skin radiant, relaxed and refreshed.
Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area.
Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse away with warm water.
Keep chilled.

If you have pretty dried skin, Oatfix would be your very good option!
I got the combination skin..so this is not for me..
I think it is way too greasy for my face.
But it could be your favourite ;)

Use Oatifix to clean and soften dry and sensitive skin.
It was invented at our Ready Steady Create weekend
by a group of enterprising Lush shop managers.
You will be delighted to hear that a blend of fine oatmeal, fresh bananas,
ground almonds and vanilla smells as tempting as a very posh breakfast,
and even more delighted when you try it.
Oats are a wonderful thing, they calm your skin
and help to reduce cholesterol (when you eat them, anyway).
Ground almonds give you an exfoliating scrub, bananas are a lovely,
nutritious skin softener and illipe butter reduces redness.
Get the Oatifix you need.

There are 2 face masks I have not yet tried. I will definitely try BB Seaweed..
but I don't think I would ever try Cosmetic Warrior..it seems to give a great result..
but I do not think I would love to have garlic scent left on my skin...
it does not have that strong garlic scent..but more like clay..
but I do not like it..coz scents are very much my first concern..
It received a lot of positive feedbacks though..specially,helping to calm down blemish.

Cosmetic Warrior
A superhero face mask to combat spots, cleanse dirt, calm and soothe all troubled skins. Antiseptic fresh garlic and tea tree essential oil, reinforced with deeply cleansing kaolin and fresh grapes, are aided by softening honey and free range eggs. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse away with warm water. Keep chilled.

BB Seaweed
Relaxing and reviving, mineral-rich mask to cleanse, soften and beautify all skins.
This blend, inspired by the sea, contains fresh and nutritious seaweed and seaweed absolute.
Cleansing kaolin, antiseptic honey, calming aloe vera a
nd rose absolute make this a great mask for everyone.
Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area.
Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse with warm water.
Keep chilled.

ENJOY!!!!!! :D

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Lush : Retread Hair Conditioner

I've finally found you :P
Yeah, I have been trying right and wrong with my hair conditioner
But I found the love of my BIG shampoo's life ;)
If you are the fan of BIG shampoo,
Retread is his bride ;)
She will take very good care of you
nurture him and create the best couple of the year
on the red carpet :P

Monday, 22 March 2010

Lush BIG Shampoo

I just got this BIG shampoo last week
and I am sooo in LOVE with it!
It does not only smell so gorgeous,
but it also made my hair so soft!
Lush should have made the hair conditioner
matching the scent of their shampoo :)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics :)

Lately I have been very crazy about Lush Products.
I have walked passing by the shop many times
but never come across to drop by and have a look
Their products are openly presented
and the scent can be very intensed for the first few times.

There are so many other similar products in the market
ie. The Body Shop, The Bath & The Body Works,etc.
However, mostly the scents from other brands are very mild and natural.

Lush has a very unique signature scent.
The first time I went into Lush shop coz I wanted to look for alternatives for soaps.
I am very much into natural handmade soaps and thought to find something new to try out :)
Honestly, I was very critical about Lush products.
Luckily, the lady who helped me out was very kind and patient.
She kept on suggesting different kinds of products with the floral scent
which is my kinda favourite scent :)

And the Love at first sight for me to Lush happend when I bumbed into their bath bombs.

I had never been a bath person.
I love spending time in my shower for at least an hour.
But their bath bombs are very colourful and smell so good!
I just picked couple of items without even reading any reviews of their products before.

And now I am so much into Lush products!
It expands from bath bombs to bubble bars..
then, bath melt...soap..solid shampoo
shower gel...and now hand&body cream :P

There are my super favourite items like

I am one of the stockers!
Currently, I have too many items in my stash :P

So I guess I can call myself
A New Lushious babe ;)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour

Lately, I have tried a new lipstick from Chanel.
It's Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour.
The first one I got in Delicate # 01
It's a nude colour with very natural tone :)

So I bought another 8 different colour :P
Romantic #28
Remarkable #19
Libertine #34
Sexy #18
Flash Quartz #43
Garnet Fire #48
Arden #62
Evanescent #37

I can not find some of the colours I have on the colour chart.
But I have collected the colours they have for this lipstick
as many as possible so at least you have an idea how the colour looks like.

I think Mystic and Intuitive would be the next 2 possible colours I will buy ;)
Time to go shopping!!!!!

Monday, 25 January 2010

L'Occitane + Lux Naturals Soaps review

This started when I was browsing Youtube clips as always.
I happened to bump into a review from a beauty blogger
about soaps from Lux Naturals.
It is a homemade soap brand in US.
The positive review gave me a thought to try it out..
Plus, there are many interesting smells for selections.
I ordered one Watermelon and one Gardenier with Rose petals soap bar.

And also a soap saver.

where you can press your soap into it.
That helps you to hold the soap better.

It is pretty soft which seems to work well with
Lux Natural soaps, not the normal compressed soap from the market.

Surprisingly,it smells wonderful!
I have tried the watermelon one first.
It leaves me a smooth skin.
The smell of the product does not leave too strong smell
like many other soaps
I used before.
But it made me realize just how relaxing
you could feel from just taking a shower :)

Personally,it would take me about 45 mins -1 hour for a normal shower.
I love spending time on cleaning my body properly.
Then, I love to apply my body serum
and follow with my routine Almond Body cream from L'Occitane.

What do I use to exfoliate my skin?
I got 2 options...
I switch between Almond Delicious Paste from L' Occitane
Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract

Actually, this Clarins product is meant to be for face but I found the scrub
is way too harsh for my face. I use LaMer Refining facial scrub.
So I think this orange scrub should be gentle enough for my body ;)

After using Lux Naturals soap, I have ordered another 10 soap bars :P
And I started my squirrel habit again...
I ordered L'Occitane Almond Guest Soap and L'Occitane Green tea soap.

I am already using Rose Bonne Mere Soap from L'Occitane

This rose soap smells so gorgeous!!!
I lit the rose scented candle from L'Occitane during my shower
while taking a shower with this soap...
I feel completely relaxed :D

I'm trying to hold myself back not to get too crazy about soaps..
yeah..like it always works :P

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Crème de la Mer : Review

Crème de la Mer

The Cream that many women swear it The Miracle Cream for youthful skin
I have read this article and think it is interesting to share with all readers
who are considering to try this cream.

After over a month of trying many products from this promising cream,
I have to tell you with my honesty that it does work the miracle.
Yes,the cream is pricey and it never lasts as long as other reviewers claimed..
I am still willing to pay as it's worth every penny :)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Smurf Lullaby : Guten Abend Gute Nacht

Try to sleep now, close your eyes
Soon the birds will stop singing

Twink Twink stars are shinning bright

they will be watching you all night

all the things you enjoy on this beautiful day

all your friends, all your toys

will be waiting for you to play

Mr Son, may u will dream as soon as the night starts and tomorrow you must tell

me what the dreams were all about.

Try to sleep now, close ur eyes

Try to think of tomorrow

all the stars wish you good night

so i'm switching off the lights

one more hug, one more smile

kiss you once, kiss you twice

i'll be here for awhile

try to sleep now and close your eyes..

Good night!