Monday, 25 January 2010

L'Occitane + Lux Naturals Soaps review

This started when I was browsing Youtube clips as always.
I happened to bump into a review from a beauty blogger
about soaps from Lux Naturals.
It is a homemade soap brand in US.
The positive review gave me a thought to try it out..
Plus, there are many interesting smells for selections.
I ordered one Watermelon and one Gardenier with Rose petals soap bar.

And also a soap saver.

where you can press your soap into it.
That helps you to hold the soap better.

It is pretty soft which seems to work well with
Lux Natural soaps, not the normal compressed soap from the market.

Surprisingly,it smells wonderful!
I have tried the watermelon one first.
It leaves me a smooth skin.
The smell of the product does not leave too strong smell
like many other soaps
I used before.
But it made me realize just how relaxing
you could feel from just taking a shower :)

Personally,it would take me about 45 mins -1 hour for a normal shower.
I love spending time on cleaning my body properly.
Then, I love to apply my body serum
and follow with my routine Almond Body cream from L'Occitane.

What do I use to exfoliate my skin?
I got 2 options...
I switch between Almond Delicious Paste from L' Occitane
Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract

Actually, this Clarins product is meant to be for face but I found the scrub
is way too harsh for my face. I use LaMer Refining facial scrub.
So I think this orange scrub should be gentle enough for my body ;)

After using Lux Naturals soap, I have ordered another 10 soap bars :P
And I started my squirrel habit again...
I ordered L'Occitane Almond Guest Soap and L'Occitane Green tea soap.

I am already using Rose Bonne Mere Soap from L'Occitane

This rose soap smells so gorgeous!!!
I lit the rose scented candle from L'Occitane during my shower
while taking a shower with this soap...
I feel completely relaxed :D

I'm trying to hold myself back not to get too crazy about soaps.. it always works :P

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