Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics :)

Lately I have been very crazy about Lush Products.
I have walked passing by the shop many times
but never come across to drop by and have a look
Their products are openly presented
and the scent can be very intensed for the first few times.

There are so many other similar products in the market
ie. The Body Shop, The Bath & The Body Works,etc.
However, mostly the scents from other brands are very mild and natural.

Lush has a very unique signature scent.
The first time I went into Lush shop coz I wanted to look for alternatives for soaps.
I am very much into natural handmade soaps and thought to find something new to try out :)
Honestly, I was very critical about Lush products.
Luckily, the lady who helped me out was very kind and patient.
She kept on suggesting different kinds of products with the floral scent
which is my kinda favourite scent :)

And the Love at first sight for me to Lush happend when I bumbed into their bath bombs.

I had never been a bath person.
I love spending time in my shower for at least an hour.
But their bath bombs are very colourful and smell so good!
I just picked couple of items without even reading any reviews of their products before.

And now I am so much into Lush products!
It expands from bath bombs to bubble bars..
then, bath melt...soap..solid shampoo
shower gel...and now hand&body cream :P

There are my super favourite items like

I am one of the stockers!
Currently, I have too many items in my stash :P

So I guess I can call myself
A New Lushious babe ;)

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