Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Essence of La Mer

I have been a La Mer fan since October 2009.
But this product is somethng I had never heard of.
My friend bumped into this information as we were searching for
some information.

Here is what the article explaining about The Essence of La Mer

They have spent the last four years on a top secret project to create a new skin care regimen that they promise will bring your skin to its "personal best." Dubbed "Project Precious" and now called "The Essence", a three-week intensive treatment that contains
the highest level of La Mer's Miracle Broth-the brand's famous It factor.
The Essence costs $2,600, and you can't simply walk up to the counter and buy it

Due to the intensive manufacturing process, only small batches are made, so initially it is available by invitation only to top La Mer clients at Holt Renfrew and other select boutiques worldwide.
"We wanted to create a product of true luxury,"
says Lynne Greene, the statuesque president of Specialty Group Worldwide, in La Mer's pristine white meeting room in midtown Manhattan.
"We asked ourselves ‘What does luxury mean?' and we knew it had to come down to performance, whether it's a Ferrari or a skin care product."
Whereas the magic bullet in Crème de la Mer
is the specially fermented sea kelp, called Miracle Broth,
The Essence contains two additional ferments,
One called Dormancy and the other called Mariponic.
"Our bodies can truly heal only when we are totally relaxed,"
says Loretta Miraglia, senior vice-president of Product Development for Specialty Brands.
"For the Dormancy ferment, we sourced a derivative of the narcissus bulb
and added rosemary, vitamin C and soy fermented under the influence of long sound waves,"
For the Mariponic ferment, a method of growing marine plants in purified sea water
and customized nutrients,
La Mer used sea parsley from Nova Scotia to create a "super-plant."
Together with the anti-inflammatory benefits of the Miracle Broth,
and the magnetized green tourmaline water,
the new ferments give both protective effects (Dormancy)
and nutritional benefits (Mariponic).
The Essence claims to be a "healing spa" for the skin
that will produce astonishing results both during and after its use.
Of course, at this price, you might need to check with your accountant first
before you go on this particular trip.

It would be very interesting if I can try this :P
The price is another story *LOL*

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