Saturday, 26 January 2008

Tokyo Attractions

Here are the top ten Tokyo attractions to help plan your trip.
See the complete list of Tokyo attractions.
  1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building - The best look out in Tokyo.
  2. Imperial Palace East Gardens - Excellent gardens next to Palace.
  3. Sensoji Temple Asakusa - Great temple & garden
  4. Odaiba - Including Rainbow Bridge & Venus Fort shopping centre.
  5. Shibuya - The place to see & buy Tokyo fashion.
  6. Harajuku - May be the hottest fashion place in Tokyo.
  7. Meiji Jingu Shrine - Actively used shrine in Yoyogi Park.
  8. Ueno Park - Easy to reach & fantastic in cherry blossom season.
  9. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden - Mixture of European & Japanese.
  10. Akihabara - Tokyo's "Electric Town"

I definitely want to go to Imperial palace! It looks so beautiful!!

Sensoji Temple is also very interesting!

And Shibuya is another tempting place to go!

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