Saturday, 12 April 2008

Curling hair

Lately,I am so much into curling my hair.
I had had a long straight hairstyle for years..
so after I got my haircut to change the look,
I want to try out something new :D

After I had been searching for any tools
to help me curl my hair without damaging it,
I found couple of new interesting items.

This is a hair curler balls!I think the idea is interesting..
but that wouldn't work for my super straight hair.
But the bang clip,I did buy it!*lol*

And I found these great clips for helping me to curl hair!
I have seen these clips on those models on Fashion TV
but didn't know where to get them :(
Now I know! I found it on Amazon.
It is Conair Super Clips:D

Actually,they use these clips with hot rollers..
But I just need the right clips.
And I hope they will help me create nice curls!
Can't wait to try them out!

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