Wednesday, 2 April 2008

My piano arrived! :D

Finally,today my piano is delivered!
I had been waiting for a week!
The sound is not bad at all! I love it very much!
However,I think the height of the stand & the seat are not right...
I got backache after practicing for over an hour... :(
I still wonder how to set have the right position?


Anonymous said...

I got a P85 a couple of months ago and set it on an adjustable shelf at a height of 29 inches which was fine for me with a seat of 18 inches.

Your forearms should be parallel to the floor.

Although I could move the shelves around I could not move all of them adequately out of the way of my legs so eventually I had to get the L85 stand. It puts the P85 at a height of 28 3/4" to the top of the white keys.

Perhaps also you are sitting too close or too far away. Not sure what would cause a backache... maybe you will get over it as piano muscles develop.

What do you think of the action of the piano? I find it is rather noisy and sluggish in comparison to more expensive digital pianos or a real acoustic piano. But I guess it is okay given how much cheaper it is.

I havent yet seen any reviews of it, although I have been checking.

Annie Maxx said...


Thank you for your kind advice!I will check with the position how I placed my piano and the height of the seat.I have to say that I bought the normal metal stand and seat coz the shop does not have L85 :( I am considering to get the real stand for P85 sooner or later!

I did not have this problem when I was playing the piano at the school...but I think those fixed locks they provided for this seat and stand are not really applicable for everyone...and I am pretty short :(

About the keys of P85,as I am still an amateur but I did start playing from real piano,this one is not really that bad.I think if you most of the time play real acoustic piano,this will definitely bother you. :(

When I can play better than this,I would like to get Yamaha U1 :) The price is acceptable and the sound is amazing!

I bought this P85 after I tried the keys at the shop.So this is acceptable to me.I guess you probably ordered online? :(

Thank you very much for the advice again! I hope my backache will be gone soon! ;)

Have a nice day!

Annie :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, I did try the P70 and then the P85 in the store, but I was never totally sure it would be okay. In the end I decided it would be, as I wanted a piano and couldn't pay more, but I tend to secondguess myself. That's partly why I was searching the internet for other opinions about the P85.

I looked at cheaper metal X stands, but they really are not sturdy enough for a piano, probably being designed more for smaller electronic keyboards on which one is not often playing multiple simultanous notes fortissimo. Also, I did note that the ones with fixed heights often went down to something like 32" which is way too high. I would recommend the L85 stand, although it itself is not super rigid and it's rather pricey for a few pieces of particle board.

Let me know how you get on with the piano: backache, positioning, touch, etc. I would like to keep in touch with anyone I know who is using and learning with the same piano as me (email is

Annie Maxx said...

So far,I try not to sit on that seat longer than half an hour.And it's doing fine.

I did use your advice to set it at the position that my both forearms parallel to the floor.And you are right about the metal stand.I definitely prefer to get the L85 and I also want to buy a proper seat together with LP5 :)

Hope you enjoy your piano as much as I do ;)