Monday, 14 December 2009

Always ticking off my never endless wish list :P

Not sure if anybody else got the same problem like me.
My family and close friends always tell me that
I am the most difficult one for them to find a gift..
The thing is...I always get stuffs I want ..
so what on my wish list either they are super expensive or I can not find them yet.
it is just a matter of time for me to get what I have my eyes on...
And then, they are complaining that they don't know what to get for me.. :/
I think if one person tell you that...might not always be true..
but about 5 of them..then,I start to look at myself :O

Like last time I mentioned about Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick...
I already bought the limited edition ones in Nectar and Plum...
Plus,I also got the Bronze one and Beige one.
Moreover, I got those two palettes from Estee Lauder that I posted earlier as well... :P

I still have the ultimate gift but it's not really that out of reach..
I got a watch that I really love...
but I sort of think it's way too expensive to have it as a present.
And I don't want to just spend my money to get it...
I want it to be special so I have been collecting the birthday money
to get it :)

Yesterday I went to Swarovski shop in Town Center.
There are plenty of gorgeous pieces I like.
but like bracelets, they are way too long for my wrist..
and those necklaces seem to have too long chain for my neck...
and some are more practical..the more fabulous pieces are..more like parties
and I am not quite a party person...
I got so many pretty dresses...but never really have a chance to wear them.
I sort of collect them ;)

I also have some updates on my wish list. :P

I want to upgrade my TV!
I found a 46 inch Samsung TV LE46B750 on discount.
I really want it!!!!
And I want a home theater set from Logitech Z5500.

The sound is amazing! :)
Umm...let's see how long these two will stay on my wish list ;)

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