Saturday, 28 November 2009

My Lidcactus

I tried almost every way to get this lidcactus rebloom but it never worked.
I got one before in the past and
when all floweres gone,I thought they became dormant forever.
So I didn't want to buy them again.
I'd prefer to have plants which will give flowers again next year :)
But this one I was not allowed to throw it away..
And I sort of fed up with I placed it in the corner...
and I often forgot to water it...
Somehow when I started to water it again...
It is reblooming with lots of flowers :D
For the first time I managed to get it blossomed!!!!
I am very excited!!!
Now I place the twin of this one next to it...
I bought them together but again,it doesn't give any flowers..YET
Hopefully,the other one will give flowers to me lateron :D


sosolobi said...

yes, I was told by someone a while back, that if you want your potplants bloom, you have to keep them "short" on water and food for a while. Don't starve them, but tease them a little. If you put them in a pot that's too big, with too much earth, they will stop blooming for quite a while. Most plants will end up in a panic if they are a bit "teased" and start blooming. Kind of a survival mechanism probably. My gran had a HUGE one, it bloomed each year abundantly, round Xmas, like clockwork. But she was quite good with plants. I've never seen a Sansevieria bloom. Her sanseviera bloomed every year. It has the most delightful parfume by the way.

Annie Maxx said...

I just noticed your advice (◠∇◠) thank you so much. I am getting better now with growing lidcactus. 2 out of 4 are full of buds in this mid November 2016 �� Summer starts pretty late this year ☺️ Thank you very much for your great advice!