Monday, 23 November 2009

La Mer Skin care review

I have tried LaMer for almost a month.
I can tell that my skin is totally improved.
It used to be very dull and super oily on T-zone..
but now it's brighter and smoother.
The fine lines are getting less visible.
And my skin is supersoft and not oily anymore:)
I got my skin routine after I started to use La Mer.
So I had been abused my skin up until last month :P

My skin routine

1) Cleaning my skin with La Mer Cleansing gel
2) Sweeping my face with the Oil absorbing
3) Padding my T-Zone with The Radiant Infusion
4) Sweeping all over the face with Face Serum
5) Dabbing The Intensifier at the fine lines
6) Applying the Eye Concentrate under eyes
7) Following with LaMer Cream Gel all over face and neck

And every weekend, I will exfoliate my face with La Mer The Refining Facial.

Actually,I have couple of more items I use during the end of the week like The Clay Mask.
Hoping it will help me clear all dead skin and most importantly, some black pores..
eventhough they are not that much but still bothering me.. :(
I am still searching of how to prevet those black pores.. :(
They are much less but many stubborn ones still haunt me from time to time...

But overall I am much happier now with my skin :)

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