Saturday, 28 November 2009

My wish list for year 2010

My main concern for year 2010
is to take good care of myself.
I would like to have a healthy body inside and outside :)
And of course, I am aiming for something to do more with my body treatment...
since I have been pampering my face,it would be logical to do the same to my body ;)

Year 2010,I want to get couple of items for my body treatment :D
I am actually using some very nice almond exfoliate and rich body cream
It is a good brand with very nice smell products..quite expensive but more affordable for body skincare...I am not there to apply La Mer for my whole body YET :P

For exfolication, I use Almond Delicious Paste

and for body cream,I use Almond milk concentrate

But I am really curious about La Mer The Body Serum!

The reason I have not yet bought it coz the price here is ridiculous.
Many products from US when they sell here, some of them just change the currency from Dollar to Euro and add a bit more to the price...
but this body serum is really way overcharged in my opinion...
They sell this bottle in US for $155
but here they sell it €195! That is like $282!
The differ is like over $127!!!!
And the size is just only 4.2 fl. oz.
I think it wouldn't last that long with my body...
Even the Almond Milk Concentrate I am like 200 ml..for €41.
That would last me like 2 - 3 weeks maximum...

But next year, I will give myself a try for this serum! :D
And definitely looking forward to stock all La Mer for my vacation in US!!

And the other item I want to try very much is

La mer The Concentrate.

Again that they sell in US for $350 and here €410 :(
The differ is like $ 245 ( ;_; )
No doubt I spent thousands Euros on these products I am using..
while actually,I can stock another whole set of the same with the price in Europe! >:(

Next year I am invited to join the skin treatment from La Mer here :D
I can not wait as I really enjoyed the last skin workshop they arranged ;)

Nothing gonna STOP me!!! :P

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